Meet Melike; an Istanbul-born entrepreneur, designer and owner of Soul 2 Seven Jewellery. Now based in London, Melike was previously an Account Director of an Advertising Agency. It was after completing her Masters Degree in Sustainable Fashion when she made the decision to transform her true passions into reality. This marked the beginning of her new journey; the world of sustainable jewellery.

Melike has always believed that traditions, values and customs line our heart and soul and this was the inception of her brands ethos. If she could transfer these beliefs into the jewellery we wear every day; our daily affirmations could have greater impact on our lives. Her particular intrigue with Numerology and the powerful wisdom in numbers saw her affinity with the number 7; a universally recognised digit of luck and thus Soul 2 Seven was born.

Sustainability is at the core of Soul 2 Seven and in light of this Melike runs a small business. Her intimate relationships with those in her team empowers her to be present at each step of the design process. Every piece of her inspiring and intriguing jewellery is hand made in the iconic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; the quality of which is a testament to the shining craftsman who tend to her designs.

Each collection has been influenced by Melike’s deep captivation in the occult and mystic folklore. Soul 2 Seven connects us with the ancient teachings of the past, helping us to live better lives in the present.